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security managements

Growth attracts attention, sometimes this attention is undesirable. An unguarded office or home is an invitation to disaster. Keep your growth safe and without any negative interest with UNiSEC’s security services which works on multiple levels so as to eliminate gaps. We are known to face all challenges positively and treat them as an opportunity. All this with excitement and enthusiasm.

Crop Security

Securing our client’s growth by keeping a strict vigil at all times!

People shouldn’t walk away with an enterprise’s growth due to lax security. Some of it could be prized, proprietary knowledge of immense value. We help every enterprise secure its growth at all times.

Security Supervisor

Supervise your security set-up with the right kind of personnel from UNiSEC!

UNiSEC’s security personnel are trained to sniff out the gaps in your security and set things right so that your security remains smooth and fool-proof! For security that matters for all times, come to UNiSEC!

Residential Security

All it needs is one of UNiSEC’s security personnel to keep your homes safe!

Your success should not give you sleepless nights. The ONLY way you keep your peace and protect your family is by using UNiSEC’s security guard service for residences!

Personal Security Guard

You are as secure as UNiSEC’s PSGs!

Personal security is a need of every individual and is highest for those with a degree of success or those in the public eye. For those, there can’t be anything even close to the service provided by UNiSEC! Get a Personal security guard from us, and live fear-free and discover freedom in the true sense!

Security Services for Hotels

Indulge your guests with security services from UNiSEC!

Hotels are for guests who bring in prosperity. But good places always attract the not-so-good who should be dealt with UNiSEC’s security personnel.

Lady Security Guard

Security of a woman by a woman!

Women’s security has its own effects and dynamics which stand completely different from the usual security arrangements. These ought to be handled on their individual merits & this is exactly what we do at UNiSEC!

Event Security

Making events memorable for all the right reasons.

Events need security from gate-crashers and freeloaders. Keep them at bay with UNiSEC’s security guard service.
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For those who differ, the best example would be the Covid-19 pandemic of the year 2020 where the only way to stay out of harm’s way was to resort to proactive measures to control the spread of the virus. At UNiSEC, the fight against Covid-19 was never a one-off case given that the same level of care and caution has always been shown irrespective of the occasion. For discerning clients who want the best of cleanliness solution, UNiSEC has the following range of services:

Professional Housekeeping

Making places look and feel professional!

An office should look and feel its part. It’s only then that people find pride in identifying with such places. With our professional housekeeping services, our clients’ office look and feel professional all the time.

Carpet, Sofa and Chair Shampooing

Our clients own some of the best furniture. And we help to keep them that way!

If you thought only humans need shampooing, you could be very, very wrong. We do that all the time for our clients’ office furniture including carpets, sofas and chairs. They end up looking and feeling great!

Total Building Management Services

Making buildings and properties look and feel full of energy!

Buildings too have a life, and they too need care in order to look and feel their part. Our total building management services take care of every aspect of building maintenance be it the exteriors, facilities including water, elevators, electricity, and their maintenance.

Facade Cleaning / Deep Cleaning

Our façade cleaning isn’t a fancy word. It’s real!

We believe our clients’ office façade and interiors have a purpose. They’re there for the place to look good and feel great. And we are here to keep them looking that way with façade cleaning and deep cleaning.

Mechanized Cleaning

Using the latest technology and machines in cleaning deep and maintaining well!

At UNiSEC we use the latest available machines and systems in our cleaning services which redefines the term deep cleaning to mean really deep and consistent cleaning that SHOWS all the time. After all we know our clients deserve it.
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Electrical Systems

Energy/ Gardening

DG Maintenance

Safety Services

HVAC Systems

Preventive Maintenance Services

Power & UPS Monitoring

BMS Management

Power Management

Water Management and Plumbing


UNiSEC is your trustworthy partner in getting the right people for the right job. Through our focused outsourcing solutions, we help reduce administrative costs while optimizing the tiresome process of recruitment. Our objective is to lessen the burden on your HR department, enabling your HR staff to engage in innovative and strategic work.

Contract Staffing

Be a smart employer and do not waste your productive hours in searching for the right candidates. We give you the most suitable candidates who will make your teams strong. We are tech-driven and source candidates with a specified skillset. Every candidate has to go through a stringent filtering process and is authenticated by our proficient recruitment team.

Payroll Management

Unisec specializes in payroll processing services and is a preferred partner for a considerable number of clients. We have rich experience in small business payroll processing and can process a significant number of payroll records on a monthly basis. We provide great accuracy in payroll processing and have a team of highly qualified chartered accountants who focus exclusively on the payroll.

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